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18 Apr 2017

Phoenix Safe Next Luxury Safe Range

by Benjamin Sparshott

The Phoenix Next range is an elegant masterpiece in design, security and fire protection. This range comes in various different designs including Oak, Cherry, Black and White finishes and small, medium and large sizes, complete with a slide and hide lock panel for that little bit of extra security.

Key Features:

  • Recommended for an overnight cash rating of £3,000 or £30,000 valuables rating.
  • Tested for protection against fire for up to 60 minutes of fire protection.
  • High-security touch panel lock and fingerprint entry system.
  • 128 different fingerprints can be stored.
  • LED display makes knowing if the safe is locked or unlocked a breeze.
  • Enhanced security features include:
    • Tamper lockout due to multiple incorrect code entries.
    • Alarm fitted to the lock.
    • Hidden code and scrambled code (enter your code with numbers surrounding it to hide which is your code) as standard.
    • Dual locking – two different codes have to be entered to gain entry to the safe.
  • Supplied with fixing bolts suitable for concrete as standard.

The Next safe is a wonderful addition to any office, providing elegance and security. Inside the Next comes with luxury wooden drawers with a fully lined base to protect your valuables such as jewellery and watches. Additional drawers are even available should you require them. 60 minutes fire protection is suitable for paper documents.

The fingerprint reader means only one person need know the code but up-to 128 people can have access day-to-day. Tamper lockout will help prevent someone from gaining unlawful entry and the safe is fitted with an alarm acting as a deterrent as well as an alert.

The safe is floor mountable preventing someone from leaving with the entirety of your belongings in one.

To summarise, the Phoenix Next provides the best solution for a safe that looks good and remains as secure, if not more than, as other similarly priced safes on the market.