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20 Apr 2015

Mobile phone lockers

by Richard Westell

When it comes to the safe storage of our mobile and belongings within workplaces and leisure cloakrooms, Simply Safes offer a full range of mobile phone lockers to suit all situations.

Mobile Phone Lockers from ProbeOur mobile phone lockers which are also suitable for small belongings such as wallets are designed to securely store items whilst we are unable to have them on our person, such as during working hours, on shop floors, workshops or in a gym or leisure complex.

Our mobile phone lockers are constructed from steel and can be customised with 6 door colour options and 3 body colour options. These mobile phone lockers can be grouped together to make a nest if required. The 8 door mobile phone locker has a sloping top to discourage people from placing items on the top. All are lockers are supplied with a cam key lock with 2 keys as standard and are also available with a hasp and staple lock for use with padlocks (not supplied). You can choose to upgrade the locks to an electronic version if required.

As with all our locker range, our mobile phone lockers are made to order and are available on a 10-15 working day delivery.

We offer a mobile phone locker which has 8 bays each with a different key to open the doors. The locks can be operated by a master key if required so that if a key is lost it will prevent belongings being locked away. This is an additional cost but worth considering when purchasing as it can save a lot of time for staff members.

Purchase your mobile phone lockers from Simply Safes, if you require a large quantity please contact a member of our sales team to arrange for a quotation to be provided.