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7 Sep 2017

London Design Festival

by Benjamin Sparshott

The London Design Festival is coming up (16th to 24th September) and at Simply Safes we felt it would provide a fantastic opportunity to show off some of our more quirky and interesting designs as well as our new bespoke designer safe range. We will be showing these off on social media and our website.

The festival has been running for 15 years and takes part in various venues and institutions across the capital. Locations include the Shoreditch Design Triangle and the Islington Design District. Both wonderful parts of the capital with a vibrant culture. For the other side of the capital, we have the Chelsea Design District, more specifically Kings Road SW3 and the Brompton Design District. Full plans for this year’s LDF are yet to be finalised but we can discuss some of the most exciting parts of last year’s festival. 

The Smile, located at the Chelsea College of Arts, was a giant wooden beam made up from little bits of wood bent into a smile. Located at Vince Court, N1 6EA was the “Forests” installation by Asif Khan. A see-through box filled with plants. A recommended event to attend from us is the Universal Design Studio’s collaboration with The Office Group at Old Street / Liverpool Street / Shoreditch High Street.

The LDF is all about showing off exciting designs. Ranging from unique wooden furniture to industrial designs such as watches and shavers. We squarely fit into this category. Safes are generally seen as industrial products, and of course, they are, but that doesn’t mean something beautiful cannot be developed.

Our first design show offering is the Phoenix Next. This range offers an elegant design by using wood designs such as Oak, or some fancy spirals in either white or black. All options come in small, medium and large options. Inside the safe are some lovely lined wooden drawers providing good storage options with security and protection for your belongings.

Our new range of luxury bespoke designer safes are a fantastic option for someone who wants to really delve deep and personalise their perfect safe. We are able to offer 4 different levels of security depending on your requirements.

We offer a standard choice of colours including a lovely Sapphire Blue and Aston Martin Green but this is just the start. If you desire something with a little more pizzazz than you can choose logos, marble finishes, and stripes.

Inside you have a choice of lining in a luxurious Alcantara or wooden drawers that can come with watch winders with a choice of Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Maple or exotic hardwoods. Finally, you can have a safe as unique as you are.

The London Design Festival provides a fantastic opportunity to show off exciting, vibrant and in some cases, crazy designs. And Simply Safes is getting involved.