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13 Mar 2015

Key cabinets and key storage

by Richard Westell

Keys form an everyday part of our lives. From leaving the house and locking the front door, to opening our cars with electronic key fobs. Keys for our office or business doors, cupboard keys, safe keys, we can’t get away from the fact that we need keys every day for all kinds of locks.


Sterling Combination Key Cabinet



Safe and secure storage of these keys whilst not in use needn’t be a headache. Simply Safes have a wide range of key cabinets and key storage units that suit all types of situations. From small key boxes for your home to much larger units that can store large amounts of keys for use within businesses such as hotels, offices and car manufacturers’ showrooms.

If you have specific or high security needs, we recommend you browse our High Security range of key cabinets and safes which come with substantial locking bolts and are generally more heavy duty than basic key cabinets.






Phoenix KS0032 Electronic Key CabinetTo eliminate the need to keep a key to operate your key cabinet, we can supply key cabinets with electronic or mechanical combination locking mechanisms. We can also provide key cabinets with a deposit slot function on the side to allow keys to be deposited without the need to open the cabinet.

Whatever your requirements are, Simply Safes are on hand to find the right key cabinet for you.