5 Apr 2018

Keeping Customer Data Safe: 6 ways to ensure your small business

by Emma Broughton Turner

As new GDPR regulations come into force in May 2018 many businesses are looking at their data, how it is stored and what precautions they need to take to protect their business.

In today’s blog post we take a look at six ways you can help protect your business data and other tangible assets.


1. Data on Demand

Businesses can store data in many locations, whether on a general server, on individual computers, laptops, smartphones, online cloud storage or even in a traditional filing cabinet. Keeping track of where data is stored, and protecting each area, is a vital component of keeping your business data safe. Make sure you have a written plan of all assets and where data is stored that is readily accessible should the worse happen. For businesses who have legal documents to store a fire-proof cabinet offers up to 60-90 minutes fire protection preventing your business data from literally disappearing in a puff of smoke! Take a look at the De Raat 4 drawer fire file cabinet.



2. Protect with strong passwords

Struggling to remember passwords is now a daily task that all of us grin and bear but they are key in protecting most small business data so it is worth making sure you always have passwords or digital codes in place. They act as a final precaution should workplace laptops or mobiles get stolen, especially if they hold customer data. The more characters you add the stronger your password will be.


3. Privacy Rules

If you run a shop, café or other premises where customers are moving around then protect your valuables in a secure office with a digital door lock. For you and for your staff it means easy access and saves the worry of having to carry around keys that can easily be lost or stolen. We recommend the KeySecure SBL360 mechanical door lock which has the useful feature of having code free access when required and can be used on both internal and external doors. As standard it comes set up with a 4-digit code.  


4. Lock it, Keep it

When not in use it a good idea to put valuables such as iPads and laptops in a laptop safe. This not only protects them from being stolen but, depending on the safe you choose, a degree of fire protection as well. If your business deals in cash transactions then a digital safe is always a great way of storing daily takings and any petty cash until you can get to the bank.



5. Alarm Bells

If you hold stock or lots of equipment on your business premises then ensuring you deter break-ins is essential. Burglar alarms offer the best line in defence and can easily be installed to offer you peace of mind and make sure those would-be burglars don’t take a chance on your business. 

The ERA Garrison PRO smartphone burglar alarm kit offers exceptional value with a replica siren and added sensors. If any of the accessories supplied in this kit are triggered you will be alerted via a notification and you can download the ERA Garrison app to manage your alarm for Apple or Android.


6. Caught on Camera

Many business owners wrongly believe that installing CCTV is too expensive for a small business but a small start-up kit is an investment well worth having to prevent unwanted attention such as break-ins, vandalism and theft.  Protecting your business even when you are not there, CCTV can make monitoring your premises, both inside and out, straightforward and simple.

Our recommendation would be The Swann 1080p HD wire-free smart CCTV camera which has a magnetic mount for external use and is also suitable for indoors. It is powered by a rechargeable battery which lasts between 2-3 months and is easy to recharge just like your smartphone.


Make these simple and cost-effective changes and you can be confident that you have upped the security of your business, ensuring staff safety as well as securing the data and information you keep on site.