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31 Aug 2017

Honeywell Home Alarm Kits

by Benjamin Sparshott

Honeywell HS911S

This alarm system is the basic of the Honeywell wireless alarm kit systems, however, don’t for one second believe that that means it’s not good enough. This system comes with a wireless hub for connecting all of the wireless products in the kit, It is also Wi-Fi enabled and allows use via the app on your smartphone. These products include the pet-immune motion sensor which is rated up to 36KG animals meaning it's suitable for large dogs. Also included is one wireless door, window sensor and a sophisticated key fob for arming and disarming the alarm system without entering a code.

This system can have up to 32 different wireless accessories connected and comes with adaptive radio frequency jamming to prevent someone from hijacking the radio signal and unlocking your property. The application allows you to monitor your home from your smartphone anywhere in the world, giving you total peace of mind.

The hub can be powered via mains or batteries. Should your mains power fail the hub will have enough power to last for 24 hours. The LED indicators on the hub will provide you with a visual means of determining the state of your system, such as low power, armed, disarmed and partial arm.

The application is available for iOS and Android devices and supports all security functions. The wireless range for all devices is up to 1000 metres.

Honeywell HS912S

For a step-up, the H912S has a tap-and-go arm and disarm contactless reader via 2 contactless RFID tags (included) and a more advanced pet-friendly motion sensor with a built-in camera for keeping an eye on your home from the app. As a further improvement, this kit includes a siren built into the reader for deterring and alerting and two window and door sensors instead of one.

Replacing the remote control with the contactless tags means you can tap-out on your way out and tap-in on your way in. Purchasing more of these means you can give one to each of your family members.

The camera is colour during the day and during the night is black and white for 24 hours

Accessories available from the Honeywell range

  • Wireless Battery Internal Siren
    • 120 dB(A) (Decibels)
  • Remote control key fob (as a replacement or to give another person)
    • Wireless Contactless Tag Reader with Built-In Siren and 2 Tags
    • 78 dB(A) at 1m noise level
  • Wireless Motion Sensor with Colour Camera
    • Resolution: 640x320 or 320x176
    • Night Vision with White LED
  • Wireless Door and Window Sensor
    • Comes with Sticky Pad
  • Contactless Tags
    • Comes with 4 in red, yellow, blue and black
  • Wireless Smoke Alarm
    • 120 dB(A)
  • Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    • LED indication and Siren
  • Wireless Battery Siren with LED
    • 120 dB(A)