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2 Apr 2015

Do NOT tell the burglar your away

by James Blackburn

We all enjoy logging onto Facebook, Twitter andFacebook Logo Instagram to see what our friends and family are doing. 


But by using social media we could be making a serious mistake by posting photos or commenting we are going away. Depending on your privacy settings, friends of friends could see this and this kind of information can sadly fall into the wrong hands. Meaning your home and valuables could be put at risk from theft. It is lovely informing our friends of what we are doing and and where we are going but with an increase in criminal activity on social media we advise keeping such posts for when you return from your holiday. Even posting comments about daily routines could provide a window of opportunity for a theft to be carried out.Tiwtter Logo


From research done we know that typically people keep valuables in our sock drawer and this is the first place a burglar will look! On average a burglar will be in your property for around 8 minutes, this could obviously be longer if the burglars know they will not be disturbed.


Once burglars have targeted a victim, they will usually use tools like Google StreetView to check out whether they think it will be worth robbing, all in their own safe environment without having to be near the property.


Burglars can gather lots of information from social media such as what valuables we have and when we get presents for birthday or christmas like iPads or cameras when images are shared online.

Images from modern smartphones also include Exif data, this data contains lots of information such as the dimensions, size and exposure used to take the photo. This data also includes GPS data of the location of where the photo was taken, which is done automatically. Burglars can easily intercept this data on all social media however on sites such as Instragram and FlickR which are more image orientated it is a more likely tool for criminals to use to target victims.

Top Tips for Social Media

  • Do not automatically share your location.
  • Do not post your address on your profile.
  • Consider just sharing pictures with friends only and not friends of friends.
  • When your on holiday consider taking a vacation from social media!
  • Consider sharing images of your lovely relaxing holiday when you return not whilst away.


View a selection of our home safes or high security safes, having a safe is going to put off most burglars unless they are prepared to attack one. For a small investment for a budget safe of around £50, you can have piece of mind valuables are locked away. Those who are more security concious prices of high security safe models start at £325.00 plus VAT.