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6 Mar 2017

Choosing the right wheel clamp

by Richard Westell

When choosing a wheel clamp it is important to get the right one for the job. Wheel clamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed for cars, caravans, motorhomes and trailers and differing levels of security.

Once you know which style of clamp you require, getting accurate measurements of the wheel is crucial to ordering the right clamp for the job. You will also need to check your wheel type is compatible as there are models for Alloys, Steel Wheels, Hub Caps and more.

Clamps for Cars

Car clamps are sold according to the wheel size, what type of trim or alloy wheels your car has and in some instances low or high wheel arch.

Model ranges consist of heavy duty clamps, euro clamps which are more versatile and lightweight auto clamps.

It is important to ensure you have the tyre size including width and diameter. This information can be found on the tyre itself. 

Protect your car with a wheel clamp


Caravans and Motorhomes 

As with car clamps it is important to check the width and diameter of your wheel and tyre before ordering. Should your caravan be static for most of the time, a strong, heavy duty clamp may be in order as it is unlikely to be removed for large periods of time. A more versatile Euro Clamp or older model could be used whilst on the move from site to site or if you are regularly taking your caravan or motorhome off stand as these provide a good level of security and are more portable. Locking wheel bolts are also an essential part of the security of your caravan or motorhome. 


Trailer Clamps 

Typically, trailer wheels are smaller than those on cars or caravans. Most wheel clamps which are adjustable will fit a trailer; however there are several available which are specifically designed for smaller trailer wheels and these tend to be lighter and more portable than larger wheel clamps.