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21 Oct 2016

Choosing and installing driveway posts

by James Blackburn

When thinking about purchasing driveway posts you need to consider what your specific needs are.

There are several types of driveway post available:-

Fold Down
‘T’ Posts


Fixed Hitching Posts

Fixed posts are designed for hitching trailers and caravans to, combined with the use of a hitch lock. This post is typically fixed into concrete under the ground to half the depth of the post. Once installed this post cannot be removed or folded down.


Removable Posts

Removable posts have a locking point fixed into concrete under the ground; the post is then fastened to this. Suitable for restricting access to parking spaces and private forecourts and is easily removable when access is required. When multiple posts are purchased there is the option for multiple keys for ease of access at a small additional charge.


Fold Down Posts

These are fixed with a surface mounting plate. The fold down post is designed primarily with access to parking spaces, driveways and private forecourts in mind. The post folds down when the space is required and when access needs to be restricted the post is then raised and locked with a padlock. Easy to install and use.


Telescopic Posts

Although the telescopic is probably the hardest to install due to requiring a trench approx.1metre deep it is also considered the most secure. This allows the post to be raised and lowered ‘telescopically’, installation requires the post to be fixed into concrete and hardcore then once complete, provides a high level of security.


‘T’ Posts

A removable post designed to be passed through the A Frame of a trailer or horsebox chassis and locked into place at ground level at the locking point which is fixed into concrete under the ground, also available as an Anti Ram Barrier.