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12 Jun 2015

Cash Till Drawer Safes

by James Blackburn

Example Cash TillChoosing a cash till drawer safe from Simply Safes will accommodate a standard cash register drawer insert up to 450mm wide, with the ability to store one or more till drawers. We have various models available in either key or electronic locking mechanisms, depending upon your requirements.

Cash till drawers are all different sizes so we recommend you call us with the measurment of your till drawer and we can check to see which safes will be suitable for your needs. Having a safe to accomodate a till drawer or multiple drawers will save inconvenience to have to remove all the cash at the end of each day for staff.

To ensureCash Till Drawer Safe you are covered for the cash you store overnight we suggest you have a higher level security safe than you might need so that in the event of a theft you will be covered for your claim.  The last thing you want to have to do is remove any cash from the till drawer inserts.

In the case of the Securikey MiniVault 3K safe in the picture on the left, this would be any amount up to £4,000.

We offer a wide range of deposit and laptop safes suitable for storing cash ratings from £1,000 upwards for overnight storage. Laptop safes can be suitable for cash till drawers if height space is a problem. Deposit safes are suitable if money needs to be deposited during an event or normal working hours. If you require any assistance or advice please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales team.