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31 Jul 2015

Caravan Safes

by Richard Westell

Arregui Caravan SafeStorage of personal items whilst on holiday has always posed a security issue. Caravans are vulnerable to opportunist thieves who see them as a ‘soft target’ when left unattended. Once inside, a thief will be looking to take anything he can that is mobile and easily concealed. Items such jewellery, watches, cameras, mobile phones and wallets particularly vulnerable to theft.

You can minimise the risks by improving your all round caravan security. Adding additional security features such as an alarm, additional door and window locks and storing your personal valuables out of sight using a caravan safe. Simply Safes stock a range of caravan and portable safes which can be secured out of sight within a cupboard or under caravan seating.

Sentry Caravan SafeFor your larger personal items the Sentry Digital Lock Box is supplied with a tethering cable to enable it to be secured inside your caravan and has an easy-grip carrying handle to allow it to be removed and taken away from the caravan if you are away for long periods of time, whilst still keeping your valuables safe and secure within.

It may be that you would prefer to have a fixed caravan safe to hold your personal valuables whilst on the move and Simply Safes stock a large range of compact safes with either key or electronic locks which can be bolted within a cupboard out of sight.

View our range of safes designed for use in a car or caravan safes.