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25 Aug 2017

Burg Wachter secuENTRY Easy Smart Door Locks

by Benjamin Sparshott

Smart locks have a lot of benefits for home and business owners alike. They provide increased security, lessen your reliance on keys which means no more forgetting or losing your keys and because of this, means fewer call outs for a locksmith.

The 5601 pin code lock provides an easy way to make your house more secure and easier to enter and exit from. You can program in a 6-digit pin code up to 50 times and even lock and unlock from your smartphone via the secuENTRY app. Multiple locks can even be tethered to a single app for a small fee.

The application is compatible with both iOS (iPhone 4s onwards) and Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above.

The 5602 fingerprint and pin code lock provides state-of-the-art locking function with a simple and easy locking solution. It has the same pin code lock and smartphone functionality but includes a finger print reader for even easier entry. Up to 24 fingerprints can be programmed into the reader.

The keypad featured on both models has touchpad numbers for easy typing of codes, is water resistant (can withstand drizzle) and dust resistant. You should locate the keypad undercover and within 4 metre’s of the lock.

Key Features (On both locks unless otherwise stated):

  • Smartphone integration.
  • Illuminated
  • Fake fingerprint detection (5602 model).
  • 1 million different code combinations.
  • Fits standard euro profile cylinder lock.
  • Easy to fit – no drilling.

Both models are fantastic choices for increasing security and decreasing lockouts at your property. Easy fitting and easy usage make the decision to switch to smart locks far easier than ever before. There are other smart locks on the market, however, this is a product from a German safe manufacturer.