Arregui S7 Drawer Safe

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Arregui S7 Drawer Safe is no longer available.

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The Arregui 20000-S7 drawer safe is an ideal detterent from an opportunist theft. This cleverly designed safe has a vertical lift up door and has a motorised hydraulic arm which automatically opens the door for convenience. This model features an electronic lock that is powered by batteries and has an easy to use LCD display. It has a cash rating of £1,000 or £10,000 for valuables and is designed to be installed in a drawer or cupboard and be hidden away.

  • External Dimensions W x H x D: 310mm x 110mm x 380mm
  • Internal Dimensions W x H x D: 305mm x 90mm x 375mm
    Note: The locking mechanism protrudes into the safe compartment when the lid is closed, reducing its capacity.

  • Electronic lock powered by 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Rating of £1,000 for cash or £10,000 for valuables
  • 2 User codes - master and user, choice of codes between 3 and 6 digits
  • Entry audit with last 200 entries shown
  • External battery connection if batteries run out
  • Supplied with an emergency key overide incase of lockout - hidden location
  • Motorised hydraulic arm which opens the safe door automatically when the correct code is input
  • Door opening angle is 80 degrees
  • Constructed from 4mm thick steel door and 2mm body
  • 2 x Locking bolts of 12mm diameter
  • Base fixing with bolts included
  • Suitable for large drawers, shelves or floor fixing
  • Also ideal for storing in the bottom of a wardrobe
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Capacity: 10 Litres

Available in 2 Sizes/Models

Please try the alternative product we have selected below:

BTV Top Drawer Safe

BTV Top Drawer Safe

    External Dimensions W x H x D:
    400mm x 130mm x 350mm

  • £1,000 Cash & £10,000 Content
  • Electronic locking mechanism
  • Motorised locking bolts



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Overall rating:  10/10

Ease of use:  10/10
Build quality:  10/10
Value for money:  10/10

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We publish all reviews. Promise they are written by our own customers and only those who bought this item.

Of the 1 people who rated this item 100% would recommend it. Read All Reviews

We publish all reviews. Promise they are written by our own customers and only those who bought this item.



Product: Arregui S7 Drawer Safe


Pros: A solid box that is easy to set up and easy to secure to a fixed surface.

Cons: Possibly a bolt to the bottom left hand side.

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How do I install a safe to the floor?

 Anon  —  01/07/2015

We always recommend you bolt down your safe, even if it is an entry level model as you are just making it easy for any burglars if you do not. The best surface to fix a safe into is concrete as this provides the most solid fixing. If you have a wooden floor please check with your insurance company they are happy with this. On a wooden floor the joist is the best point to fix to as this is a fixed point below the floor and generally more solid. To install the safe to a floor you will need to choose an ideal location, put the safe into position and then mark the hole. Then remove the safe and drill where you have marked, check the instructions or bolt size for the size of hole that you will need to drill. Once your fixing hole or holes are drilled put the safe back into position and then using the bolts provided tighten them up. You will need various tools to complete this task such as a drill or socket set, if you do not feel 100% confident then we can also arrange installation for you. Please contact us for more details.James Blackburn

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