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About Simply Safes

Simply Safes was founded by James Blackburn in 2009 and through hard work along with blood, sweat and tears has transformed it into the security specialist, it is today.

Founder of Simply Safes - James Blackburn

"Why should a prospective customer buy from Simply Safes?

Since starting the company I have always had the ethos, that we should go the extra mile for our customers, never over sell and offer friendly helpful advice.

We have continued to maintain this over the years and have been able to do so because we are a family run business and have staff that care."

- James Blackburn - Founder of Simply Safes

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Our Commitment To You

Our focus is to ensure our customers are looked after whether that is someone who spends £50 or over £1,000. My whole ethos is a customer purchasing a product for £50 could spend again soon if given the right service or they could even recommend us to a friend or another company.

We admit that it is not always possible to get things right all the time and when this occurs we work as hard to get the best resolution for the customer.

Our commitment to all customers is to ensure they get the right advice and get treated how they expect, all at a fair and honest price.

History Timeline of Simply Safes

Our commitment to our customers since 2009 has always been to go the extra mile.


Since 2009, I have always ensured that we offer the customer first and foremost, a fair and honest price. Over our 9 years of trading, we have seen many different products come and go. While many have remained in our range for all of that time and these more often than not are the ones our customers choose.

As it says in our company name, the main focus was to concentrate on safe products. This has evolved over the last few years and we have expanded into other areas of security such as wireless alarms and CCTV.

Here is a list of all the products we list online, please feel free to ask me or one of our friendly sales team if you have a bespoke or specific requirement not seen here.

  • Safes
  • Luxury safes
  • Alarms
  • CCTV systems
  • Key cabinets
  • Fireproof filing cabinets
  • Secure storage

Yale IA Intruder Alarm Kit Range - Launched in 2018

Yale IA Intruder Landline Alarm Range - launched in the UK market in 2018.


As each month and year passes, we are always trying to be innovative in offering services that our customers seek and demand. Here is a selection of the type of works that we have arranged for both domestic and commerical clients.

  • Safes
    • Early morning installations
    • Specific dates for installation in advance
    • Weekend deliveries
    • Difficult installations including:
      • Via narrow stairs
      • Through upstairs windows
      • Across marble floors
      • Using a crane or winch
    • Deliveries using smaller vehicles where narrow roads affect access
    • Installation crews with vast experience including banks and airports
  • Alarms
    • Discretion when arriving and working
    • Experienced crew who are also electricians
  • CCTV
    • Site surveys
    • Professional advice on products available
    • Fully detailed quotations

Bespoke Safes with a difference at affordable prices

Simply Safes Bespoke Luxury Safes - launched in 2018 to the UK.

Our Staff

We are a growing business and have a close knit office environment that is professional yet friendly.

Read views from our staff members about life at Simply Safes and how it has changed over the years:

Simply Safes is a family run business and my son, James Blackburn is the founder. I have worked in the office since 2012. We pride ourselves on being as good as our word and giving each customer excellent service regardless of value of order.

- Janis Blackburn

Simply Safes is a trusted name and I will continue the good work and reputation it has built up over 10 years. I look forward to the challenges ahead, giving our customers the first class service they deserve and demand.

- Richard Westell

The popular Burton Eurovault Aver S2 range - launched by Burton Safes in 2014

Burton Eurovault Aver S2 Size 1K - sold to our customers since 2014.

Our Journey

I took over the running of Simply Safes in 2009 and started out working with brands that included Arregui, Burg Wachter, Burton Safes, Securikey, Masterlock and Sentry Safes.

During this time, I was responsible for growing the business and that included website development to help improve the customer experience. To this day I still work closely with our web developer and even make changes to keep the website fresh.

In July 2013, I took the decision to improve the website further and for the first time employed an outside agency that developed a brand new responsive site that would work on mobile - we were proud to be the first in our industry to do so.

Looking a bit dated and moving towards our 10 year anniversary, I took the decision that the website needed to be updated to make it quicker and smoother for our customers.

The Simply Safes website as it used to look before a major facelift

How our website looked in 2012 - before it became responsive for mobile.